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about progress at barclays. and in seoul, a large drop in first quarter profit. 91% decline. find out which other korean tech giant is back in the black and that's coming up at 10:35. >>> the spanish prime minister is reportedly eyeing further tax hikes to bring the country's deficit down. we'll be joined live from madrid to preview the highly anticipated budget plans. >>> with sprint due to report numbers today, we'll ask if the dish ceo's bid for the mobile giant will work and speak to a guest from san francisco who says dish should focus more on spectrum and not on mobile delivery. you can find out what company he says should be the target at 11:20 cet. we're also going to look at goldman closing short position on gold and talk to a mining stock expert to find out if the downward trend is over done ahead of gold earnings. plenty coming up on the program. apple remains one of the big stories in markets and it could weigh on the tech sector. it came through with a mixed bag of results but also a major gift for shareholders. >> apple turned in quarterly results ahead of analysts expec
. it was unethical to offer a gift of champagne, but no hookers. admittedly, barclay's fudged a couple of things to pump their profits. what's the point it was just barclay and the u.k., right? >> here's the point it wasn't just barclay in the u.k. >> all right, angry cluster of teeth. so if it wasn't just barclay in the u.k., who else? >> regulators are looking at more than a dozen other banks, and those include citigroup -- >> so what? so citigroup's an american bank. no big deal. >> it's a big deal. [bleep] >> you can't trust anything in banking. >> i knew i shouldn't have trusted those guys. i am never, ever... >> (cheers and applause). >> i am never getting drunk in the steam room again. >> supervisor avalos: thank you, jeremy. apologies for any remarks that might not have appreciated, but i want to make sure we could actually have some context. this was actually an event that had worldwide significance and certainly was picked up by our news media in the report. as was stated, it stands for london interbank offer rate that leading banks will lend each other when they lend each other money.
%, to sweeten the bid and to further that, barclays, the larger international bank has issued a back stop for us to allow us to do that for a -- about $4.7 billion of cash. >> okay. now, i should let everyone be aware, we spoke to kohl, we wanted their side of the story. they were very aggressive, in telling us that this is something that's not good for their shareholders. first thing they said, can you elaborate -- i'm just reading -- on the highly confident level in there barclays. on what terms could you expect to raise the financing? >> well, the barclays' commitment is already committed. so this is a -- this is not a how would we do it. it's a we have done it. barclays has issued the highly confident letter based on our balance sheet and ability to raise capital. because, remember, jim, we're very low levered. >> right. >> they say you represent highly speculative financial engineering, another point they are raising to us. >> again this is all -- the mud slinging doesn't really -- >> mudslinging doesn't get us where we need to go in a situation. quite honestly, you can't really know what w
bring you up to speed. the view is out for barclays. it's a big report. 224 pages. it's effectively finding that to rebuild trust barclays must make changes to mandatory code of conduct. are you learning anything from this yet? >> not really. >> do you expect to? >> i don't expect to either. i think we'll just have to wait and see how it goes on for a while. >> what would be a real game changer from an investors point of view when it comes to barclays or bank debt generally? >> i think we're going to have to wait and see how this current cycle in the market pans out. right now it's quite clear the markets are balancing a difficult situation. technicals are fragile. until we see if bank tech continues to tighten, i don't think we can take this one any further. >> okay. we'll leave it there. we'll bring more news from that report if we get it as we get it. and shares lower this morning after verizon denied it's considering a joint takeover with at&t of the u.k. group. the saga continues. the statement from verizon followed a report in the financial times suggesting they would take vod
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. david: also spring isn't going to just bring flowers. barclays says it will also bring a market swoon. it's happened the past three years. how do you protect yourself? well, by buying bond-like stocks. what are bond-like stocks? barry knapp, he's barclays head of u.s. equities portfolio strategy, one of the most entertaining people in the business, he is here next to tell us. ♪ ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... . . can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. ♪ . david: it is time for a quick speed read of some of the day's other headlines, five stories in a minute. first up toyota will start making lexus brand vehicles in the u.s. the automaker will make the lexus es model in its kentucky plant as early as 2015. >>> amazon will debut 14 of its tv pilots. retailer let anyone in the u.s., u.k. or germany wa
sales that concern investors, so do semiconductors and that's where we begin our market focus. barclays downgraded the segment, citing the lack of new big consumer products hurting the sales outlook. here is a look how semis closed. amd fell 3.5%, individuvidia do. >> retail sales spotty as expected. jcpenney and other merchants led the s & p 500 today. bill ackerman says he believes penny shares are worth $75 a piece. and roth stores and the limited leaders as well. jrve c penny up 5.5%. ross gained 6% and l brands, new name for the limited, also up. and zumy up 14%. >> shares of a biotech surged. the fda says the company has a new parkinson's drug without additional trials. shares of acadia gained more than 64%, $13 a share. highest closing price in five years. >> investors bid up facebook in advance of its home download that goes live tomorrow. the first facebook optimized phone available at at&t as well. shares of facebook gained $28 a piece. still $10 below the ipo price of $38 a share. >> netflix rose on news that is adding shows from hasbro studios. streaming versions of popular
's just like any other commodity: it trades, it goes up and down, and it is not a safe haven. barclays came out with a call yesterday telling people to put their money into safe havens. they say it is time to look for stocks that act like bonds. what are some names that you would want to buy? - my personal opinion is these markets are slightly overvalued here. they are looking at the johnson & johnsons of the world, colgate, verizon, mcdonald's. all the safe stocks, the everyday need stocks that are going to do business no matter what. that is what they are looking at. but those talks are a little overvalued. that was really the first tipoff that the market was looking to sell, because that is where the money was going, into some of those safer havens, as i like to call them. - mcdonald's recently had an all-time high. would you want to buy at those levels? maybe, maybe not. - no. - that is a big no for you. thanks a lot, todd. - thank you, have a great day. president obama goes to boston today. he will attend a memorial service for victims of the boston marathon explosions. the govern
creation points to a slowdown in economic growth. here's a view from dean mackey at barclay's capital. >>> one main message we take away from the march employment report is that some of the optimism that was generated after the remember report was displaced. there was a sense among some that we were transitioning into 200,000 or more job growth environment on a pier persistent basis. we thought that was overstating what the message from february was. we're looking for gdp growth to be slowing down 1.5% down from what we expect to be 3.5% in the first quarter. and the reason is that some of the boost to growth in the first quarter looks unsustainable. inventories bounced higher. that's not going to last. we do think the sequestration is also likely to weigh on growth in the second quarter. so we view this slowdown in job growth in march as a prelude to that slowing in the trend in job growth in the second quarter. there's been talk among some analysts that the federal reserve would start to flow its purchases over the next couple of quarters. and that intensified after some of the stro
this year about 6% year to date looked at the gold etf and barclay's capital putting on an important note saying that the decline of investor interest in the gold exchange traded products is the biggest reason for the sell-off they say investor demand is at the lowest level since june 2011. you also have an increase in dollar prices as the dollar increases in value that decreases the interest in the alternative investment. barclay's capital analyst says exchange traded products outflows are the largest downside risk to the gold prices seeing the weakest month on record for the etf products of precious metals. keep that in mind with the sell-off wall street is predicting this will continue back to you. connell: whose said then newspaper industry is behind ? they reported today. may have cheryl cassone standing by to continue calling for a pullback in the markets we will see if it is the start of something big then us survey shows what airlines are soaring with customer satisfaction. we will see. markets now continues after a quick break. this is for real this time. step seven point two one
're calling this 25.5 billion dollar bid for sprint nextel. ergen as a combined company. he is using barclay's to financing advice. it's an informal offer. >> that's interesting. dish's offer isn't formal, but the company said it's being advised by barclay's, which is confident it can raise the funding. earlier this year, dish offered to buy a wireless carrier half owned by sprint. ergen talked about that, saying the debt was stacked against them because of a tangle of contractual obligations. but, wow, this has to be the biggest move yet that carly has made back into the area. the hopper allows you to jump across ask through commercials. the story in the "new york times" today laying out how he has been one of the vial people in hollywood as a result of this. but he is a guy who knows how to shake things up and create a splash and he's doing that with this. >> he's crazy, i know, nuts. i don't know. yeah. >> he's a big thinker. this is definitely a big -- >> he's been called a big a lot of things. but big thinker is one thing. we'll see. speaking of the hopper, faber, wake up. faber. we're
.6%, actually, barclay's, 8.4%. and deutsche bank is only at 9.5%. do you believe this will translate to a best in class dividend at ubs? >> it's probably too soon to say. and we've seen he enormous amounts of pressure on all european banks to boost capital and regulars are going to be very reluctant until there's a lot of confidence. not only have the banks raised enough capital, but also that the worst of the crisis has passed. as zermotti told you earlier, people are optimistic, but i don't think there is an enormous amount of confidence that this crisis is over yet. >> let's look at deutsche bank. it released some 30 earlier than expected. net income of $2.2 billion beat estimates. they also announced a surprised cash call. that comes amid pressure from regulators from the bank to bolster its balance sheet. they reckon after this capital raising, can core tier 1 will be around 9.5%. that's more than barclay's, credit suisse, jpmorgan, goldman sachs. investors are reckoning that will help with their ability to pay dividends. is that what is pleasing? >> no. i think what's pleasing is that a
. yesterday we traded the lowest yield since the 23rd of january. if you look at these two barclays charts, the spreads continue to widen from mid march very tight levels. if you look at the mub, very little response to what goc on from stockton, california. and last but not least, the pound is not having a good day. look at this intradade chart. sue, tyler, back to you. >> thank you very much, rick. the market is up 92 points with the dow and s&p up more than 10% in the first quarter, the nasdaq higher by 8%. we're in the new quarter. how will it fare? as jerry castellini joins us. good to see you, jerry. you're bullish, you think we can continue. >> absolutely. in your previous conversation about lockhart's comments and the end of qe to me is probably the most bullish thing i've heard and continue to hear in this market. more angst over the idea they're the only game in town. the reality is if the fed were able to stop using qe, it would imply the economy has really taken off. >> it would, but in the past when we've had suspicions that perhaps they're ready to take the punch bowl away, a
downturns. >>> something else with the barclays aggregate index which is akin to the s&p 500 and that is rare. here to give us his take on the picked income market ando is the head of fixed income at vanguard. welcome, bob. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> tell me what you read into this very rare decline in what's called the ag index. >> what happened in the past three months is there were yields and 15-year and longer treasury and corporate securities just backed up a little bit. shorter and intermedia yields really were unchanged and it was a relatively small change which resulted in a negative performance. >> a fair number of market watchers are worried about the iment of money that remains in bond funds particularly in long term bond funds and particularly in treasurys. they worry there may be a bubble or that a big bear market may be coming. do you worry about that? >>. >> i think it is certainly a concern given the yield, but the federal reserve by keeping short rates low and by buying a lot of longer term treasurys that they want yields to remain low and
. barclay's mackey will tell us if today's number will be the high watermark. >>> opportunities from crisis. looking to profit from distressed assets. hostess, lehman, mf global. even the madoff fund. >>> how secure are your online payments in we'll ask the co-founder of stripe how he plans to revolutionize the way buy online. the third hour of "squawk box" right now. >>> welcome back to squawks box. i'm joe kernen along with michelle caruso-cabrera and kayla. she has three names. two per person. >> average. >> our guest host ross schlosstein, ceo of evercore partners and blair efron. first, kayla has your morning headlines. either change it or i'm not going to have you back on. >>. >> it's the double s. >> starting with sch. >> you know, i didn't name either of my children ralph. >> they're both girls. >> you are looking at the boeing 787. japan approved a return to the air for the 787. it approves the new battery system. the senate passed legislation to end air traffic controller furloughs. the approval came late last night without dissent. many senators already left for the weekend. a ho
. barclays have cllowered their price forecast. >> thank you so much. it is kind of quiet down here today. >> the markets are a little unsure which way to go. look at some of these multiindustry names. tea was $23. it's $21 now. we're going to see these companies are important because they make all the things behind the walls. most of the home builders have been positive. i want to know the home builders are down. >> net flix is one of the ones that you're watching. >> most definitely. another mover on the radar? texas instruments a slew of tech firms reporting this week. all of these companies reporting last week. morgan stanley raising its hepatitis c revenue estimate to 2016. rick is here to update us on all sorts of other global affairs. >> you nailed it again. we are just drifting southward under the 170 area. we don't talk about this too much. whatever you want to call it. t the. >> rick, thank you very much. to housing now. profit at the home builder nvr jumping almost 75% but it wasn't good enough for wall street. meanwhile, new data out today showing that home sales of existing h
makers that are weak. the refiners as well are on the weak side. finally the call of the day. barclays call downgrading but it's not dramatically killing the sectors. >> it's got to be related to the decline in pc sales, no? >> the decline is hurting these computing chip companies. >> thank you, bop. >> let's get you a check on oil at this juncture. this is brent. this is the big london trade which is here in the united states. right now sharon epperson is tracking the action. >> gold is getting a bit of a lift. we are continuing to watch. out today. talking about the fact that they believe gold will hold around the 1500 level on the gold market. in terms of elsewhere in the metal space we're looking at higher prices across the board. michelle, back to you. >> all righty. let's head to the nasdaq now. first, reacting to the data on the sector, remember some of these companies that are used in the pc space. a slower growth profile in semis. interestingly enough, take a look. >> thank you so much. tracking the bond action at the cme. at that last auction you gave it a c minus. what has b
for the fourth quarter will be weaker than expected. barclays cutting its stock to 28 bucks. including tech, broad come. so a tough day for tech. >> the dough now experiencing its third straight session. remember, monday down 265. yesterday up 150 and that's where we stand at the moment. >> i don't like what i'm seeing. here is what's the problem. we're in an up market. the stock market trend was to the upside. now we have two days. a monday and a wednesday. 90% of the volume to the downside. two separate days. this is one thing if you get one of them. now you've got questions on whether we're in a trend reversal. it's not settled. guys, look at the sectors here. you can see fairly broad selling going on. defensive names down not as much as energy and materials but still pretty serious hit. that's your global slow down story. that's really what's motivating things. only ones. look, those are the ones. all those stocks are at new lows. >> he is also a cnbc contributor. we're talking yesterday in your notes today. both of you wrote about this. is this a head and shoulders pattern? that's what
. the barclays managed futures index was up. transfigure what direction the center going. track records and experience of navigating through this complex futures markets which makes more sense. adam: the asset directing manager. they're always looking to buy a bargain and right now seems that a place to go. coming upon "money," want to know when the world has truly gotten out of whack? a model example of what to do with people asking for a bailout is putin. we will explain that answer next. at the end of the day is all about "money." ♪ ♪ adam: the fallout from the financial mess in cyprus continues. now russia officially says it will not step up and help businesses, russian businesses that lost money which could force russian companies to take a huge hit as they are making up most of that non eu money in simply banks. bank deposits are being confused -- converted into shares of bank stock. maybe we sit -- should say worthless shares. here to explain t my former consultant to the imf and u.s. treasury department. thank you for joining us on "money." >> good to be here. adam: if you'r
months ago, i was reading the report from barclay's saying that the unemployment rate in shape could be as high as 30 the% at the end of the year. at the time, that seems to be excessive, but looking at the increase on the first quarter, really, the situation is worrying and perhaps barclay's was right about this forecast until the end of the year. something for sure is that the unemployment report this morning will probably -- and some angry people tonight will protest at the congress. they want to bring down the congress and they want to force the government to change its economic policy. and it comes just 24 hours before the government is expected to announce some measures. they will be probably stimulus measures trt economy and probably more austerity measures to reduce the deficit process. >> thanks for that. plenty more to come from stephane during the show. dennis, thanks for joining us. when does the spanish economy get better? >> well, i think there is surely a contractive medium term story. you hear a lot about the weakness of the job market, which is unsurprising in my vie
trade, long-term, is bearish. that is according to citigroup. goldman sachs, barclays, chiming in this week. in fact if you look at gold, up five bucks at 1564 an ounce. barclays says if it drops below a key level of 1530 we could see gold fall another $100 from there. the gold trade is being closely watched, guys. ashley: sandra, natural gas is hitting a 20-month high. >> yeah. there is a big forecast out right now from the commodity weather group, big weather forecasting group, widely paid attention to by this industry. they came out for a forecast for the next five days. colder than normal temperatures stretching from denver to texas. and that is having a big impact on the natural gas market right now as natural gas actually, one. biggest movers on the cme group today. and as you said, reaching levels that we haven't seen in nearly two years. so, the natural gas trade definitely on, guys. by the way, we have a big energy information report this morning. the eia report showing a 17th consecutive weekly draw down in natural gas inventories. that is also going to push the price
were killed in the shooting at barclays at university on april 2nd of last year when authorities say one thougone go opened fire. investigators say goh a former student had planned the shooting after becoming angry was school officials over 2 is in dispute. he was pleased he pleaded i guilty to the killings. all coins wall holds almost to a memorial concert, one in oakland next saturday in the second and el dorado hills on april 13th. >> looks like san francisco and los angeles and another thing to battle about besides sports. samprassam francisco city leaders boast that the $4.2 billion 1,070 ft. tall trans based transit hours said to be built by 2017 will be the tallest chilly on the west coast. a tower laws and laws as boys a stretch about 30 ft. higher. korean air is planning to build a hotel and office tower in downtown moscow angeles that will rise 1,100 ft. that is also said the open in 2017. a trans bay's boat is instead a superstructure of some kind will be added to the trans a tower that will likely bring it about 1,000 ft.. when aenllergy congestion hits i rely on the spee
to end an appalling day for him. charles barclay and sanjay gupta, thanks very much. >> thanks, piers. >> when we come back, the shocking michelle and what she meant with the very controversial comments about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. we want to hear her defense. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change. cars will talk to road sensors will talk to stoplights about traffic efficiency. the ambulance will talk to patient records will talk to doctors about saving lives. it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. the next big thing? we're going to wake the world up. ♪ and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. ♪ cisco. tomorrow starts here. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with pr
. it was a pretty special way to end an appalling day for him. charles barclay and sanjay gupta, thanks very much. >> thanks, piers. >> when we come back, the shocking michelle and what she meant with the very controversial comments about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. we want to hear her defense. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age,
and tools business, we believe, will be on want this court here is what one analyst said from barclays de microsoft. windows servers and systems center in late 2012. can we expect these products to continue to be the main drivers if. sales actually were good. so there are rare. he knows. liz: okay. thank you combustion money. by the way, stick around. we have all of the big technology earnings covered. you are talking about big names year. the ruble. two dow components. you have to stay with us. we will get those numbers to you. of course another reaction 29 as before the closing bell. the battle over martha stewart's wears continued. his new it was such a big deal. j.c. penney can sell some martha stewart products, despite the pleas to not allow them. after pulling them from the shelves this week, or are they? where are these things? are they on the shelf? that story coming up. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open
the market for the time being, barclays points out. by the way, it's not all metal going up today. copper prices down for a second straight session. we got reports of lower chinese imports. they're one of the biggest buyers of copper in the world, so that report, obviously, having a big impact on copper prices there. so not all metals moving in the same direction but, liz, just a huge gain for gold today, and a lot of folks writing up in their reports today this is because the retail investor, the small mom and pop, propping up prices, not necessarily the big hedge funds. liz: yeah. and, you know, charles biderman is coming up in the next hour to say buy one-gram bars right now. you've got to be careful. >> reporter: there you go. liz: again, i want our viewers to know there was a big story in barron's called dow 16,000 with a big explanation point, and they were talking about how excited everybody is, and that's what made ben willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange say this at the top of the program: this market makes me the most nervous i've been in four years. that is the tr
a plan to allow users to simultaneously stream four videos. barclays raise the price target on the stock to 220 from, of course, 190. right now, very, very close to that. i want to show you quickly a six-month chart. in there, there's november and december where you started to see the big jump in january, and then, of course, the one-year chart, and you can see, it's been a very nice one year, tougher five year picture as you see. it was better in 20 # 11. this quarter, original content that kneltflix is getting a lot of attention. it's in the spotlight with "house of cards ," they're first original series, and first two seasons reportedly cost $100 million to make, but got so much buzz and people downloaded the entire seasons. watch them as they try to also become not just a streaming video source, but a stood in its own right. well, fact is always more exciting than fiction, isn't it? it's been a big night for an emotionally charged boston sell takes team setting for the second playoff game against the new york knicks tonight. how is the team fighting back following the fear that gripp
of the names that got it early. surprise, surprise, the big boys. wells fargo, jpmorgan chase, barclays, u.s. bank corp, pnc financial, goldman is in there. other names, bb&t, ubs, carlisle group got them early. so the fed in trying to make good so they didn't have too. of an edge immediately released them before our markets opened at 9:00 a.m. eastern but the fact is, these guys got it 19 hours earlier. they could have traded in overseas and asian markets which opened while we're all sleeping. listen they say over at the fed it was human error. it was purely by accident that these fed minutes, which are the minutes from the most previous meeting, the most recent meeting, that they were this leaked early by accident. these people never get it early. there is no favoritism, but you know what? there was yesterday. ashley: there was and okay it was a mistake. this is something they do every month and have done for ages. why do you make this mistake? huge impact on market yesterday. we saw the yield come down a little bit but honestly it was irrelevant because it was before --. liz: somebody m
fault! >> how about barclays about lulu. >> here's what i'm hearing about lulu. i am hearing that the recall actually generated a level of love for lulu, that the customers, instead of avoiding lulu because of the sheer problem no. they're going to lulu and barclays agrees. this stock has been -- look, this is where they recalled the stuff, carl. right here is where the pants didn't work. this is the pants recall! and it turns out they're pantsing the bears. the bears are pantsed. >> that's a good call. fairway hoping investors will go on a shopping spree today. if you don't know this chain, it's a grocery chain going public and largely centered in new york. get ready for day three in what has been a wild week for the markets. the opening bell in just four minutes. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed co
to barclays barry knapp live. >>> we're reading through the verizon tea leaves ahead. >>> last, but not least, an exclusive interview with ebay ceo john donahoe. the stock under a little bit of pressure today. >>> let's get back to the markets and all the volatility we've experienced this week. bar barry, welcome to the program. do you smell opportunity in the air here? >> well, i think we may start to smell it a little bit, perhaps in a month or so. what we think is developing is the realization that growth has not accelerated in china for all the optimism in late 2012. china's not growing all that robustly. and for all those that thought that the u.s. was finally going to achieve escape velocity, that this was going to be the year, we're nowhere close to that right now. we're still growing less than 2. those two dynamics have started to put serious pressure on the capital spending parts of the equity market. so anything to do with china over the last month or so is down 5% to 10% from an industry group perspective and you're starting to see that permeate in the u.s. sensitive sectors, too,
. right now it's the old poetage stafrm although he did fly to new york and he may be paying barclays a little something. >> to me it's astounding that they're taking it seriously, but it shows you they're an honest, good board. >> if they think it can reasonably lead to a superior proposal and then this thing really gets interesting. >> dan hessy. >> let's just get it done and do a town hall. >> a clay nation death match. >> put a lot of shareholders. >> and we can deal with it. >> i like that. >> we need another hero. >> when we come back the president will hold a news conference at 10:15 eastern time and we'll bring you live co coverage from the white house when that happens. which cities were the biggest winners and losers? david blitzer will join us with the breakdown and we'll kick off a tuesday morning and soft action and "squawk on the street" live from post 9 is back in a minute. ars e s evs erywher. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource.. tdd: 1-800
companies all to the downside. no surprise there. but barclays also downgraded the entire semiconductor business. you can see some of the names involved in commuting to the downside. back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. i want to break down this market right no with our special guest. mario gabelli heads gamco investors. >> always a privilege and fun to talk stocks on the floor of the new york. >> exactly. i know you're not looking at the macro stock market, you're a stock picker, but you're finding value in some of the deal flow we're seeing. explain that. >> when you see a transaction like heinz, where warren buffet and an lbo comes along and buys a company, it lifts the other companies like general mills, because they're starting to say, hey, what's warren laooking at? he's looking at cash flow, so that's an important element. and when ge bought lufkin, it lifted the ship of related companies because of his, their commitment to go into shale and fracking. and so companies like weatherford, which we like, are an example of that. >> do you think we'll see more deal flow in that space,
and semiconductor stocks, sell to the group, ids says, pc shipm t shipments were below expectations. barclays downgraded the whole group. microsoft also had a couple downgrades as well. finally, greg was mentioning retail sales out tomorrow. we did get march same-store sales. not as many companies reporting as they used to be, but the numbers were not that bad. l brands, the former limited, ross, costco, all better than expected. >> big bank earnings kicking off tomorrow and our market experts are here to dig into what they could mean for all of the stocks in your portfolio. we will preview the big bank numbers that will likely set the tone tomorrow. then it's a scene right out of the movies. insider tips traded on the golf course. black envelopes filled with cash, handed off in parking lots. we'll talk exclusively to the u.s. attorney who is making the case in the developing kpmg scandal. then, it's one of the very best-performing stocks so far this year. the ceo of celgene will be with us, talking about how knocking down some regulatory hurdles could not only save lives, but pump trillions
center, for example. i just had that experience at the barclay. i thought i was going to have to bend and cough for a second. that's also what makes the boston marathon so special. it is about going out on to your stoop. it is about flooding into the streets. it is about having street parties while an athletic event happens around you. it is the most amazing communitiarian athletic spectual which tragically also made it a target. >> john: it is something we saw, of course, in the film last summer "the dark knight rise" where it was a terrorist attack on a pro football game but in the real world, you're right. we haven't seen anything on this scale since the 1996 olympics. dave, do you have any fear this act of terrorism will become a defining moment in the history of the boston marathon? >> i think it certainly is. and we have to remind ourselves that it can't be. i have a good friend from vietnam and she always says to me remember, vietnam is a country, not a war. and it is so important that when we think of the boston marathon, of course we need to think about what occurred on monda
a little bit, but barclays upgraded the whole group today. look at those nice moves up in all the big names. we're one-fourth of the way through earnings season right now. here's how it's shaping up. here's the good news. about 70% are beating on earnings. that's above average. the average about 62%. here's the bad news, only 42% are beating on the top line. that's way below the historic average of about 62%. bill and maria, bottom line is companies are continuing to beat on the bottom line, because they're becoming cost-cutting monsters, not because they're able to increase on the top line. of course, this is causing problems with hiring. why hire more people when you're not bringing in more money? guys, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. let's break down the numbers and what has become a very eventful afternoon today for the markets. >> joining us in our "closing bell" exchange, mark minhivini. carol roth is with us, the author of "the entrepreneur equation." matt lock, we've gotten him off the floor after a couple of hectic hours. and our own rick santelli joins us as well. matt, i
. >>> professional basketball player charles barclay famously said, i am not a role model. at a press conference earlier today, the president set an example set by jason collins who became the first openly fwrgay athlete in sports. >> i'm still 7 foot tall and can bang with shaq and deliver a hard foul. and for i think a lot of young people out there who are, you know, gay or lesbian who are struggling with these issue, to see a role model like that who's unafraid, it's a great thing. >> stay with us. the day's top lines are coming up. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. what that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't t
of barclays, and target, baird has a 325 target and there's a 330 target they say there's potential. >> we'll see. i do have now clayton morris, our tech guru and he knows a thing orrtwo about technology. he really, really does. amazon is doing something different than the apples and microsofts, and bringing in money and spending it. >> it tells me they're in for the long game to nicole's point. what is the long game and will that pay dividends. they're never profitable. while they exceed expectations they don't make a profit and put that in your memory bank apple making 10 billion dollars the last quarter. they're in it for the long game. they're building infrastructure. warehousing distribution centers so they can get items to you in the same afternoon. stuart: is that what they're trying? >> that's what they want. stuart: same day delivery. >> they want the golden goose. if i want a cd, order something on-line and shows up to the house later this afternoon, great. and they're investing in video streaming like netflix, can it pay dividends in the long run? >> the stock has been holding u
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